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Gift Charitable Trust was founded by a Tamilnadu (Indian State) based Software Engineer started at the age of 25; an ordinary person who got a vision from God to serve the humanity concentrating on specific causes covering the whole of India. He is someone who is enthusiastic about helping the needy and poor, so as to change their lives from crisis to bliss. No big group, no great pillars for support but with the help of friends and family members he has taken a step towards the betterment of our society. He is doing this service alongside with work. He struggled hard and faced tough situations to start this service for the needy with minimal investments.


Join hands with the one who has come so far as he is one among you!!

If a simple guy like him can bring a small change in the society, then how much more change can we bring if we all join our hands together for this great cause of serving the needy.

If we do what we need to do then – “Why will there be needy?? Why will there be poor?? Why would they beg?? “

Sometimes though we have 3 meals or even more a day and still keep grumbling about it, remember that there is someone convincing himself with just one meal for a week.

You can change someone’s life with nothing but just a willing heart. Be a life changer!!





“It’s not how much we give but how much love we put into giving.” said Mother Teresa .

You will never be of less worth when you lighten the burdens of another. So maybe we may make a living of what we get but remember me make a LIFE by what we give!!

As Ben Carson beautifully says it “Happiness doesn’t result from what we get, but from what we give”!!

Lend a helping hand to them and you’re sure to give a bundle of happiness in their lives.





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