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Women empowerment is discussed widely in today’s society. But still, there are some social stereotypes such as inequality, financial dependability, and oppression, that restricts women from achieving their professional ambitions as well as personal dreams. 

To nurture the inner strength, self-esteem and creativity of women, we at Gift Charitable Trust planned to start our project on women empowerment to help the women and girl children from rural areas called Sivagiri and Sankarankovill located in Tenkasi district, Tamilnadu. 

In this program, we have distributed high end sewing machines with advanced features and electric iron boxes to 100 unmarried and widowed women around 30 years and give food and other beneficiaries to the girl children who lost their parents. Along with this we also provided kitchen accessories such as cooking vessels, grinder ,mixer and even more as welcome gifts.  

The team of 5 volunteers from the Gift Charitable Trust travelled to Sivagiri and Sankarankovil to choose 100 women and girl children, those who are struggling for day to day life. 

By this initiative, we made a great and massive gathering on 18th February 2020 in Hamsa heritage, Sahana hall, Sankarankovil. We were able to see lots of hope and happiness on everyone’s face on that day, which made our event even grander and more satisfying. 

To add more glitter to this event we invited many honourable persons to felicitate. The founding family of Gift Charitable Trust welcomed the honourable chief guests Dr V S Subbaraj, Founder of Vaiyapuri Nursing home, Sankarankovil, Mr R Balasundaram, Deputy Superintendent of Police Sankarankovil, Mr M S Aathmarao, General Manager of Indian Bank Sankarankovil, Mr. G Ananthakrishnan, Manager of Indian Bank Sankarankovil, Dr. Ivan Samuel, Founder of Samuel clinic Sankarankovil, Mr.R Chandrasekaran, Owner of Sekar oil store Sankarankovil, Mr.Sankarasubramanian, vice president of city traders committee Sankarankovil, Mrs.G Surya Saraswathi, Surya agency Sankarankovil, and Mr.Anthonyselvam, Read Trust Sankarankovil. 

We started by lighting the event and the chief guests shared their valuable speech and enormous support that encouraged all the women and girl children who participated in the event. 

As Swami Vivekanandar said, “The best thermometer to the progress of a nation is its treatment of its women”.

Every woman deserves to live their dream life in this society. Gift Charitable Trust paves the path to living a life with financial independence and self-confidence. Our volunteers supported us from distributing the sewing machines to fixing those at their home.  The smile and happiness from every woman and the children was pure bliss to see, they showed their gratitude for choosing them for this scheme. 

We received warm and hearty wishes from the personal secretary on behalf of the honourable president and Prime Minister of India, Prime Minister of Denmark, Odisha Government, and Karnataka Government and Minister of women & Child Development Delhi. Those greetings made us happy and encouraged us to do more for society.

We thank all our chief guests and honourable people of the Indian government for making this event more special and delighted. 

We thank our volunteers for being part of our Trust, without their cooperation this isn’t possible.

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